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Whether your caterers, hotel, or licensed premises is providing the liquid refreshments, it will make a difference in your wedding budget. Hotels will charge "bar prices" for all drinks and even if you ask to provide your own wine,they will charge corkage, which may be several dollars per bottle. If you are using outside caterers, you will be able to purchase your beverages from a retailer for much less. If the premises for your reception (such as a marquee in your garden) is being used, then you cannot ask your guests to buy their alcoholic drinks, so all the drinks must be provided for free.

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Wedding Beverage Consumption

On the average, you should allow one drink per person per hour at the reception. Never serve liquor without some type of food. Use the following chart to plan your beverage needs:

White Wine
Red Wine
Other Amount based on 100 guests:
3 Fifths
3 Fifths
2 Fifths
4 Quarts
5 Quarts
2 Cases
1 Case
3 Cases
2 Cases each:Club Soda, Seltzer Water, Tonic Water, Ginger Ale

If you are hosting an open bar at a hotel or restaurant, ask the catering manager how they charge for liquor: by consumption or by number of bottles opened. Get this in writing before the event and then ask for a full consumption report after the event.

Beware: In today's society, it is not uncommon for the hosts of a party to be held legally responsible for the conduct and safety of their guests. Keep this in mind when planning the quantity and type of beverages to serve. Also, be sure to remind your bartenders not to serve alcohol to minors.

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