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Lasting memories that you can reflect on at your 50th wedding anniversary. Finding the best photographer and videographer that respects your vision is very important.

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Choosing a Videographer

In, one that would be working on my wedding, I'd be most concerned with one thing, experience. The person behind the camera would have to prove to me that he's not practicing his craft on my special day, that he knows what he's doing and is capable of being creative as well as detail oriented. Many amateur videographers or those that are trying to get into the business start out by working on weddings, and like in most things, you learn from your mistakes. Unfortunately they make mistakes on somebody's wedding day, a day that unlike TV and movies, cannot be recreated.

But, it is easy to avoid the pitfall of using an inexperienced videographer or one that will do a less than desirable job. Don't hire someone without speaking with him/her first, knowing their background and seeing a sample of their work. It is also advisable to ask others you trust about who did their wedding videography and if it came out the way they wanted.

Many couples outsource a wedding company that specializes in making wedding videos, and these companies have a list of videographers that they feel comfortable using. Even though a wedding company will use a videographer it doesn't mean that person is going to do a good job on your wedding, it just means they know how to use a camera, which is a good start. Really the most important part of choosing is to make sure you trust the videographer, that you like him. You should talk with him and make sure you get one that is experienced, detail oriented and one that likes what he does. It might cost a little more but at least you'll get something that in the end should make you very happy.

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