Destination Weddings

We are more mobile than ever, so let's take advantage of it by choosing to get married in your dream location. If you love the ocean, but you live in a land locked part of the country, a destination wedding may the perfect choice for you. The destination could also serve as the location for your honeymoon and a vacation spot for your guests.

When we think of destination weddings we may think of white sandy beaches, but you may choose to have your wedding at a national park, the mountains, or a historical site. You may decide to get married in the birthplace of your ancestors. Such a wedding could give you and your guests an opportunity to visit another country or another continent.

Destination weddings are a lot of fun, but there is some work involved and you need to plan in advance.

If you are getting married in the U.S., be sure to contact the marriage license department of the destination county. It would be smart to call a local wedding planner for a consultation. The help of a wedding planner at your destination could save you a lot of headaches. You have to make sure that you understand the legal documents and requirements to get married in your destination county.

If you are marrying outside of the U.S., be sure to contact the country's embassy for legal requirements. If you are not comfortable dealing with embassies, contact local hotels for information. Wedding professionals at your destination hotel should be able to provide you with valuable information. Many popular destination wedding locations offer on site wedding coordinators armed with a lot of great information.

Keep in mind that in very remote areas, you might not be able to find anyone to provide the wedding services you desire. If you're planning to invite guests, keep their needs and interests in mind, too. A destination wedding could mean savings since your wedding ceremony and your honeymoon can be at the same destination.

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USA Marriage License Applications

There comes a time in your relationship when you decide to take it to the next level, marriage. In the United States of America, you have to obtain a marriage license for the marriage to be considered legal. Each state has its own laws regarding getting a license for your marriage. Since the laws differ from state to state, you should ensure that you have followed all the requirements so that the license is not denied. These documents are applied for in the counties at the office of the auditor.

The couple should share the responsibility of getting the license because you will not be allowed to marry if you do not have one. The bride and groom usually sign it once the wedding ceremony has taken place. The Officiant also signs the license and depending on the state you live in, you may be required to have a witness during this process. The officiant applies for a copy of the license that is certified. You can also get a marriage certificate but this is not a requirement. It usually takes one month for the marriage certificate to be ready.

Application for the marriage license can be done online to make it easy for you but some states might require you to sign them in person. There are some requirements that you need to fulfill before you can get your marriage license. These include:

There is a legal age for marriage, which in most case will require you to have attained the age of eighteen.

Health checkup
Make sure that you and your spouse go to the doctor to have yourselves examined for any sexually transmitted diseases and measles. Some states do not make this a must but you can do it for your own good. The results of the blood work should be printed out and carried to the marriage license office when you are applying for one.

Application is done in person
You and your spouse should go with together to the county clerk"s office to make the application since nobody can do it on your behalf. The county you apply your license in should be where you intend to get married but this varies according to the state.

Marriage intentions
When applying for the marriage license, you should clearly tell the official the reasons why you are getting married. This is an important step to avoid those fake marriages.

Fees charged
You will be expected to pay some amount of money for the certificate but this will depend on which state you are getting the license from as they vary from one state to the other. The charge is usually paid in cash and you might be offered a discount if you take part in counseling before you get married.

Previous marriages
The law states that those who have been married before should give the reasons why the marriage ended and documentation is important. This can be either through divorce or death.

Same sex marriages
If you are a same sex couple, make sure that the law in the state that you are applying your license from allows marriages between people of the same sex.

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