Bridal Etiquette Do�s and Don�ts

As a bride-to-be, you may be completely clueless about proper wedding etiquette. After all, you probably didn�t take any courses in bridal etiquette when you were attending college. However, if you want to remain in the good graces of your family and friends, it�s important that you follow the common rules of etiquette as they relate to weddings. Otherwise, you run the risk of alienating many of the people closest to you.

Bridal Dos -
As a bride, you are expected to pay for the wedding ring for the groom. You must also buy gifts for all of your bridesmaids, and foot the bill for the hotel rooms for your out-of-town attendants. In addition, you�re expected to buy your groom a wedding gift he�ll never forget.

Groom Dos -
Your groom will also be expected to pay for wedding-related items. For instance, since the bride�s family pays for the wedding, the groom traditionally pays for the honeymoon. He must also buy his bride�s rings, along with a wedding gift for his beloved. Believe it or not, he�s also expected to pay for the marriage license. The groom should also pay for the groomsmen gifts, along with accommodations for his out-of-town attendants. He should also pay for flowers for the bride and the fee for the individual who performs the wedding ceremony.

Bridal Don'ts -
Of course, as a bride, there are also some important things you should avoid. For instance, you should not be the one to personally pay the catering bill for the reception. That chore should be handled by someone that you designate. Also, the day of the wedding, you should not feel as if you need to run the show. Instead, appoint someone close to you, such as a trusted friend, who will make sure that the flowers have arrived at the church and that the food arrives on time for the reception. Or, to take off the responsibilty of coordinating, try an all inclusive wedding package.

Remember It's Your Wedding -
Finally, while it is important that you follow traditional rules of wedding reception etiquette, do not feel as if you have to have a cookie-cutter wedding that is the same as everyone else�s. There is nothing wrong with putting your own distinctive stamp on your nuptials�in fact, your guests will expect it!

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By Michelle O�Connor, Las Vegas wedding packages

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