Bridal Registry Etiquette . . .
register for what you
really want, but keep
your guest in mind.

You can register for wedding gifts even if you�re marrying on short notice, or if you�ve been married before, in fact, registries are an incredible convenience for guests. The following ideas will assist you in choosing registry items wisely and with consideration for your guests:

  • Think carefully about what you want and need

  • Leave the choice of gifts to your guests

  • Register for items in various price ranges

  • When possible, register with national chains and/or catalog services

  • Don�t register for the same items at different stores

  • Inform guests of your registries via word of mouth

  • Don�t include any lists of registries in your wedding invitation

  • The point of a registry is to make the gift selection process easier on your guests, not to bully them or compel them to spend more money than they bargained for. A well-rounded registry should have items in various price ranges, with most costing between $30-$100. Register at more than one store. Because so many couples are now interested in registering for non-traditional bridal gifts, single-store registries are no longer the rule.

    Below is a list of some popular bridal registries:

  • Bed Bath & Beyond

  • Bloomingdale�s

  • Crate and Barrel

  • JCPenney

  • Macy�s

  • Pottery Barn

  • Target�s Club Wedding

  • Williams-Sonoma

  • When it comes to online gift registries, WeddingChannel can�t be beat, they have partnered with more than 15 major department store chains, including Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn and Federated (owner of Macy�s and Bloomingdale�s). Any bride who registers offline at a WeddingChannel partner store automatically receives a free website, where her registry is posted.

    Your registry is your opportunity to communicate your earnest wishes for your selection of dinnerware, silverware, crystal, kitchen gadgets, linens, cookware, small appliances, etc. Your selections are an expression of your new life as a married couple and will last for years to come. Your wedding planner, bridal consultant or home coordinator will be able to help you in the selection process and pick out items that you may not have considered.

    The bridal registry is a wonderful tradition. With a lot of couples now tying the knot for a second time, sharing a home before marriage, or just living more informally, the bridal registry has become a way to make it easier for family and friends to give brides and grooms all sorts of wedding gifts. It�s okay to register and inform people once you�re engaged.

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    By Michelle O�Connor, Las Vegas wedding packages

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