The Perfect Spring Wedding!

Tips, Themes and Styles for Your Special Day

Its spring�tulips are blooming; the temperatures are rising - what a perfect time for a wedding! Traditionally spring is associated with the beginning of new life. Flowers bloom, and the earth awakens from its winter sleep. A beautiful spring wedding might be outdoors, in a garden, with an abundance of fresh flowers.

As the weather begins to warm and gardens begin to bloom, many find lovely settings for their special day amidst the greenery and budding flowers. There are many ways to plan and decorate for an outdoor wedding in springtime, here are a few suggestions, with an eye towards elegance and class:

Props -
Make use of formal props such as candelabras and urns and drape containers and tables with vintage linens and lace. Make use of arbors, decorated with more simplistic garden materials as opposed to highly adorning them with greens and garlands, a look that is less popular now.

Centerpieces -
Clean looking centerpieces with a single floral theme, for example, pots filled with tulips or urns holding only anemones, are really in for spring. You want your special day to be perfect, but no matter how much of a �Superwoman� you are, it�s impossible to organize and execute the whole thing on your own.

Color -
Vibrant color is also in. Try cool greens mixed with vibrant contrasting colors like deep red, hot pink, and gold. Garden herbs also work well for weddings in spring. You can make potted combinations of rosemary, thyme, and other herbs for green centerpieces that are also great take-home gifts.

Bouquets -

Many spring brides are choosing bouquets filled with color � simplistic but daring! Brides can have a bouquet made up of tulips or anemones, both of which are beautiful. Anemones are a Dutch flower with dark black centers and vibrant petals that can come in red, purple, and fuchsia. Lilacs or nosegays comprised of sweet peas, miniature grape hyacinths, and ranunculus are also popular.

Shabby Chic -
A trend right now is to mix and match, contemporary with vintage, very much the Shabby Chic look. Dried lavender, tied with dried grasses and affixed to the pews lends a Shabby Chic feel. Dress windowsills with wreaths and candles in colored mason jars. These same decorations can later be used on the reception tables.

Spring Wedding Gowns �
Colored wedding dresses are in! Bring in more color to your gown, or wear a dress with a tan or beige or pink hue. Another trend is one of nostalgia. Many brides are selecting gowns that recall a specific decade, while others are opting to wear the gown their mother or grandmother wore.

Candlelight Outdoors -
Candles really lend a soft and romantic look. If you want candles to be an integral part of your spring time wedding, get married a bit later in the day, or, have the reception run into the evening and light your candles then. To add a touch of spring to your candles, tie pastel colored organza ribbon in a bow around clear glass votive cups. These can double as guest wedding favors.

Backup Plan �
Spring weather can be unpredictable. Be sure to have your Plan B worked out in case of rain, fog or strong winds. An elegant indoor hall nearby can serve as a backup location. Alternatively, you might have an event tent lined up for delivery the morning of the wedding, just in case. Having a backup plan for any outdoor wedding, anytime of the year, is always a wise move.

A wedding in spring can be romantic, elegant, and fun! Knowing what you want, coupled with great planning and event staff are the makings for a successful wedding day.

Article By:
Michelle O�Connor, Southern California Weddings and Laguna Beach Weddings


The season a bride chooses to hold her wedding says volumes about her personality.

That's according to celebrity wedding planner Mindy Weiss, who has helped celebrities like Brooke Shields and Lucy Lawless with their weddings.

Weiss says Winter brides tend to be daring and willing to take chances with unusual flowers or locations.

Summer brides are more predictable and traditional, following all the tried-and-true wedding tricks.

Spring brides are perky types who prefer bright colors and cheery flowers like daisies.

Weiss says Fall brides are the most romantic and sexy, because they tend to choose passionate colors like red and orange and explain every sensual detail of what they want at their weddings.

Weiss is a consultant for the Sears Wedding Gift Registry.


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