Who to Tip and Who Not to Tip?

Tipping is a practice which originally was intended To Insure Prompt
Service (TIPS), and as a way of increasing your odds of getting quality service.

Tipping etiquette is pretty simple. If you�re dealing with a business owner, tipping is unnecessary because they�re getting 100% of the price you paid. You can tip if you want to ... you just don�t need to. It is customary to tip someone if they�re employed by a company. If your DJ works for himself, you don�t need to tip him; if he works for a larger DJ service, tipping is a good idea.

Always check that it is not included in the fee. There are some that cannot accept tips (ex. City Clerk). Here are some guidelines as to how much and who to tip if you want a way of saying "thank you" for especially good service.

  • Officiants (Judge, Justice of the Peace, or City Clerk) If they do not charge for the ceremony, then $50 - $75 is appropriate.

  • Clergymen, Rabbis, Priests � No less than $75 - $100. The Best Man traditionally gives after the ceremony.

  • Organist, Musician � This is usually included in the church fee. If not, then tip no less than $35 - $50

  • Delivery Workers - $15 each if dropping items off. $25 for delivery & setup. More if there is a lot of items/setup.

  • Tent, rental, and lighting assemblers - $20 each

  • Limousine Drivers � Check your contract to see if it�s included, if not then tip 15% - 20%.

  • Parking Attendants - $1 - $2 per car if they are not taking tips from guests.

  • Caterer or Banquet Manager � May be included in your contract. If not, tip 15% - 20%. Extra can be give for exceptional service.

  • Waiters - $20 - $40 each depending upon the quality of the service, or 15% of the catering bill.

  • Bartenders - 15 - 20% of liquour bill

  • Coat Rooms � Usually 50 cents to $1.00 per guest.

  • Restroom Attendants - $1 - $2 per guest

  • Band - $25 per band member

  • DJ � 15%- 20% for an exceptional job. Not always required.

  • Clean Up Crew - $20 each

  • Beauty Experts - 15 - 20% of bill

  • Babysitters - $30 - $40 each, plus a gift, in addition to their hourly wage, more for extra hours and children

  • Event Planner - 10 - 20% of bill, depending on your contract

Who NOT to tip :     Cake baker, Florist, Photographer, Videographer, Civil Officiants

Who is Responsible for distributing tips :

Once you have filled envelopes with the appropriate amount of tip, label each envelope with the recipent's category and name, and then hand these off to the Best Man or a parent who will take care of tipping on the wedding day.


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